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Electrician Rockingham are a team of friendly, reliable and professorial electricians based in the Rockingham area of West Australia. We not only operate in Rockingham’s suburbs – but all round the Kwinana region and beyond. Our electrical company prides ourselves as being one of the best around – plus having competitive pricing makes us a great option to choose.

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Our staff are willing to take on all jobs – big or small. We offer our expert services to both residential and commercial clients, which means no matter what the task, we can handle it. As mentioned we offer a fully mobile service to all areas and suburbs – call our staff today with any questions you may have or fill out our contact form for a free quotation on your upcoming job.

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Our local companies values are high – we depend on word of mouth referrals which has built our business to where it is. Our customers are our main priority – we love to keep a smile on your faces.  We value feedback about our jobs… you will be able find our 5 star reviews and testimonials all over the internet (which we pride our selves about)

Our organisations services are needed in a large range of situations – plus they come at the most unwanted and unnecessary of times. Our crew are ready and waiting for your point of contact. We are available most times so that we are able to work in with your family /  businesses (as we know every one has busy schedules!) Premium Electrics across all areas.

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Our organisation considers our electrician company the best service, whilst keeping our prices low, leaving our business as a no brainer choice. You could require our business for many reasons – there is a endless list of services we provide, just check out our electrician services page where we name a few. Alternatively give us a call, we are ready and waiting.

We have all the necessary electronic tools on-board our vehicles so we are ready for the job each and every time. Our staff are all trained, qualified individuals with all the skills, knowledge and know how to perform a efficient workmanship time and time again.


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A few times when looking for a local electrical contractor:

Permits and Licenses

You are certainly aware that electricians are required by law to be licensed. What exactly does that mean though? Honestly, it depends on where you live. Different states and countries have different laws and governing bodies. Before work begins, they will also require permits.

One thing is for sure – plenty of schooling and a long apprenticeship will be involved. Any electrical item can give you a shock. The last thing they want is to be electrocuted on the job, so plenty of training is needed to prevent this from happening.


Homeowner’s liability insurance covers many things, but it may not cover lawsuits from injuries sustained by electrical contractors or damage caused by improper installation. Fire is an all too real worry with wiring when not done correctly. Don’t be shy to ask exactly what type of insurance the company carries, and what its’ limitations are. It is far better to be prepared ahead of time than to get a nasty surprise later!

Spotting a Fraud

Is the company really licensed? Since it is so easy to design and print almost anything using internet templates, the one your chosen company has hanging on the wall may not be worth the paper it’s written on. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

They accept only cash and do not provide official receipts with a license number printed on it.

They rely on you to get the proper permits.

If a written estimate is given, the fees for the permits and a license number are nowhere to be found.

They ignore requests to view a copy of their license number.

Strange work hours, such as weekends or nights only are their standard.


When you don’t want to go it alone in your search for the best electrician, reviews are invaluable. Recommendations from friends and family are a great place to start, since there is a level of trust present that you won’t find in an anonymous online review. When counting on reviews from people you know, you can also view the electrical work for yourself.

This is not to say that online reviews are not helpful – they are. They give you a good idea of the consensus regarding each electrician you might be considering. However, make sure to look a little bit deeper than simply seeing five stars. If a company has no reviews at all, stay away from them. A professional will allow both positive and negative review postings on their sites, as long as they are truthful. It is impossible to please everyone so it should be expected to find that at least one person was less than thrilled.

The best way to start your online search is by going to the website of the governing electrical body in your area. There will be a search tool somewhere prominent on the page. Usually they say something similar to “Find a licensed electrical contractor in your area.” This way you are certain they are properly licensed and you can narrow down potential matches from there.

Look for words like reliable, honest, and efficient. Likewise, keep an eye out for danger words such as damage, fire, above estimate, unreliable, and others along the same line.

Following the guidelines above will help you immensely in choosing wisely. As a side note, you may want to think about researching potential electrical professionals before you have need of one. This way, if your electrical panel goes kaput unexpectedly, you already know whom to call.

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Electricians in Rockingham WA have a massive range of materials and products providing a safe job at all times, we leave most other companies in the Kwinana region of Western Australia at bay. All our teams knowledge and professionalism leaves us as a market leader for all new work and repair jobs over WA. Check us out on Yelp

Contact our local business to get a fully detailed quotation or even for some general advice that may be needed. We are available to be contacted via our online contact form | Email info@electricianrockinghamwa.com.au | Call (08) 63652235

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